You’ll unequivocally  agree that virtual assistants are an excellent asset to most corporate enterprises. Courtesy of our global network of 24-hour virtual assistants, we provide unfettered access to high quality, skilled yet economical labour to enable all our corporate clientele gain a competitive edge. With an overwhelming quantity of repetitive administrative tasks, virtual assistants definitely come in handy in the contemporary business’ day-to-day operations.

Here are three of the most pertinent tasks that Corpshore’s  virtual assistants typically handle;

Research & data entry

Our highly trained nearshore & offshore virtual assistants often assist in business processes including market research, literature reviews, lead generation, partner & customer outreach, note taking and form handling as required.

Administrative & clerical tasks

 In addition to assisting with data entry and research, our team of highly qualified virtual assistants also help with scheduling, workforce management, regular & after hours answering, front desk, help desk and back office support. Our virtual assistants  also assist in setting up appointments that are key in managing sales, customer support, affiliate, engagement and outreach programs.

Book keeping and inventory management

 Our team of virtual assistants also help in keeping your financial records, transactions and logs in rigorous coherence and compliance with all protocols and regulations. Our book keeping & inventory services span industries including insurance, manufacturing, logistics, dispatch & trucking, transportation, food & beverage, utilities, mining, construction, real estate etc.


Project management

Our virtual assistants are trained in helping you identify our range of data driven options as you plan to migrate your business process to a location with unlimited access to affordable human resource materials and solutions.

Additionally, they will help you focus on your core business operations as they assist in project management to execute on your business processes, realize high levels of productivity, mitigate costs and propel your business into unchartered territories of success.

Value for money

Procuring our nearshore & offshore virtual assistant solutions  is an integral step in ascertaining  value for money. It’s a no brainer to take that important step in utilizing our virtual assistant solutions especially when you’re certain to gain more value for your money.

The great news is that courtesy of procuring our virtual assistant solutions, you are not bothered with the drudgeries and exorbitant costs associated with payroll management, employment benefits, insurance, tax benefits, rising wages etc. We essentially give you a higher quality service for a fraction of the cost. Why wait any further?

Avoid extra operations costs

Since our virtual assistants from our 24-hour business outsourcing operations centers work on varied shifts, they are not bound by the confines of working on weekends or even holidays. They are also highly reliable since they can count on the know how and skill sets of fellow team members, supervisors and managers. Put simply, virtual assistants working in cohesion yield substantially much better productivity as compared to full time in-house paid staff,

Operate your offshoring business on the go

As reiterated above, virtual assistants are often more productive than in house workers. That connotes they can draw upon the large reservoir of knowledge, expertise and skill sets in close proximity to them. They also have an added advantage in that they are multifaceted in their skill sets which  they can deploy to implement the desired objectives.

Hiring a virtual assistant is therefore the best way to ensure your business can operate seamlessly outside of your regular working hours.

Remember that all our virtual assistants work from our secured 24-hour contact center locations. That means you never have to worry about leasing extra office space, paying utility bills and/or purchasing expensive equipment to expand your business operations.

You can literally expand your business operations overnight courtesy of leveraging our 24-hour virtual assistant solutions. The process is not only seamless and convenient but also very cost-effective and unequivocally, expedient.

When you leverage our 24-hour virtual assistant solutions to handle all the simple day-to-day tasks, you can easily focus on core business processes that you specialize in and execute better than anyone else.

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