We also specialize in providing our clients data driven options in migrating their business processes and operations to a distant yet bustling hub with unfettered access to low cost human resource solutions and materials to help grow and/or scale their business operations. Typically, multinational corporations with bigger budgets and a greater preference for technical support, customer service and operations support human resource solutions elect to explore their options in outsourcing to offshoring hubs including the Philippines, India, China, South Africa, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Thailand. Comparable to our flagship nearshoring services, we provide data driving decision making guiding clients on their best options in terms of offshoring a portion or their entire business operations to some of these offshoring hubs.

The relatively low cost human labor, entrenched customer service & offshoring culture, lax employment regulations and tax free incentives inevitably provide offshoring as a very conducive and long term cost-effective solution for all corporate clients looking to reduce their cost expenditures and reach their corporate objectives. Clients can expect to a payroll reduction from a minimum of 20% to 75%+ offshoring their operations from their local headquarters/operations hub to an offshore base. The saved costs on more efficient business processes, relatively cheaper raw materials/equipment and the concomitant increase in profits are merely additional incentives. The short and long term cost advantages of offshoring present offshoring as a very attractive option for all our corporate clients.

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