Human Agent Solutions

Human Agent Solutions

Connote a near 100% involvement of physical human agents in the execution of various BPO tasks. Humans still maintain a vast superiority over AI systems in tasks such as unstructured problem solving, amorphous less routine tasks, empathetic communication, creative tasks, emotional intelligence tasks and information deciphering & processing in a stream of undefined phenomena. Tasks which encompass these and other like segments are dominated by human solutions & systems as they present the best and most optimal productivity rates.
While AI has the ability to impact the way we work, the technology’s greatest impact is augmenting and complementing human capabilities, and not entirely supplanting them. Research shows that most companies today record performance improvement when machines and humans work together. And through such collaborative endeavors, human and AI can provide leadership, creativity and teamwork. Many businesses may require a touch of both AI and human solutions for seamless collaboration desired to increase productivity.

The impact of collaboration

Businesses can benefit by optimizing better collaborative practices between AI technology and human solutions. Embracing experimentation and employee involvement, businesses can collect data responsibly and redesign processes to integrate AI and cultivate employee related skills. Adopting our human agent solutions on principles geared toward business growth will ultimately make AI initiatives perform better in terms of cost savings, speed, revenues, as well as other operational processes.
To benefit from this collaboration, businesses should understand how best human agent solutions can augment machines, how to restructure operational processes to support AI collaboration, and how to make machines enhance common human processes for better partnership. In addition to collaborating with AI systems, employees should continually work toward finding human solutions that make essential contributions to ensure all business processes are seamless.

Amplifying business processes

Our artificial intelligence combined with human decision making abilities can provide invaluable information needed for sustainable business growth. In addition to heightening creativity, both AI and human solutions are vital to increased productivity at the workplace. More importantly, machine and human collaboration allows businesses to have better interaction with customers and employees. Chatbots, augmented with live human agent assistance for example, can offer the best customer service experience to potential customers simultaneously, anytime and anywhere

Increase scale of operations

For most companies, poor scalability is viewed as potential hindrance to sustainable improvement. This is particularly common in business processes that require intensive human labor and minimal machine assistance. By improving human solutions with tailored guidance and integrated systems, our human agent solutions can help your businesses make better and more accurate decisions. This is extremely vital for business processes that are still quite resistant to full penetration from artificial intelligence and digital transformation.

Business Processes with the strongest resistance to AI domination

Business processes that require strategic thinking, critical analysis, creativity, technical know-how, imaginative thinking and empathetic communication are amongst the most resistant to AI domination. Evidently, most businesses today can effectively run without human agents at their helm. The strategic and critical decision making process required to execute certain business processes can only be accomplished by the best human resource agent solutions.

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