Human Solutions

Connote a near 100% involvement of physical human agents in the execution of various BPO tasks. Humans still maintain a vast superiority over AI systems in tasks such as unstructured problem solving, amorphous less routine tasks, empathetic communication, creative tasks, emotional intelligence tasks and information deciphering & processing in a stream of undefined phenomena. Tasks which encompass these and other like segments are dominated by human solutions & systems as they present the best and most optimal productivity rates.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Are primarily predominated by monotonous, repetitive, mathematically & structurally rigorous tasks including complex calculations, segmentation, labeling, categorization and structured classifications. We prioritize our bespoke AI solutions for tasks including image recognition, computer vision, audio transcription, mathematical calculations, structural classifications, algorithmic and other machine learning based tasks.

Human-AI Synergistic Solutions

are regarded by several experts as the most effective and long-term sustainable paradigm in the execution of various BPO tasks. The so-called union between humans and machines purportedly facilitates a synergistic effect that vastly surpasses the individual outcomes of both paradigms. It is thought that humans essentially make up for the major shortcomings of AI systems such as empathy, sentience, creativity and spontaneity whilst AI systems largely support humans in large scale repetition, complex calculations, speed and scalability. Tasks commonly characterized by human-AI synergies include real-time customer support, billing support, business intelligence & corporate analytics, natural language processing & sales optimization.

To enable and optimize for the highest possible levels of productivity 24/7 all year round, all our work locations are fully equipped with the following;

  1. Biometric entry systems (with integrations for payroll management & real-time performance analytics).
  2. Real-time performance analytics on 24-hour CCTV monitoring footage courtesy of machine learning algorithms with autonomous, secured backups.
  3. Streamlined workforce management systems necessitating less hardware solutions and upfront investments.
  4. Omnichannel solutions ensuring that all call, text, live chat, support tickets and social media queries are managed within a centralized system.
  5. Cloud-based management of all databases, files and records and storage across preferable and favorably regulated global data centers.
  6. AI-facilitated automatic call routing to support agents.
  7. Predictive analytics on accumulated historical and real-time data to generate insights, augment and inform corporate decision making.
  8. Uninterrupted, excellent & reliable internet service at among the fastest speed limits.
  9. Uninterrupted power supply thus ensuring all year round work operations indefinitely and urgent demand.
  10. Highly interactive training modules powered by holograms, bots, self-serve videos & remote access training anywhere worldwide.